Troubleshooting Methods For Windows Stop Code Errors

Download and install button to update the drivers. Start your system in clean boot mode to guarantee that your computer operates without third-party services. Before booting, this will disable any apps and services from third parties, which reduces the possibility of conflicts.

Double-click the event log and go to the Details tab to see more information about a specific event. When ready, press the OK button in the Custom Range dialog box. Next, go to the right side of the window and select Create Custom View . First, use the Win + S key combo on your PC to bring up the search feature. Once the folder opens, go to the View tab at the top of the window and check the “Hidden items” checkbox.

Again, this will take a moment Code 85 while your system restarts. 4.Select Create installation media for another PC and click Next. Click on the download link at the bottom of your screen. Complete step 1 from the previous method to get to Windows 10’s Advanced Startup Options menu. Fortunately, Windows has built-in tools to fix any issues that may prevent the computer from booting on altogether. These tools are part of the Windows Recovery Environment and can be customized further (add extra tools, different languages, drivers, etc.). There are three different methods via which users can access these diagnostic tools and repair disk and system files.

  • We’ve mentioned some 0x15 tested and easy methods to fix the BSoD error on Windows 11, along with the common causes.
  • Enter this command in the Command Prompt to scan for corrupted Windows system files and repair them.
  • After inspecting your hard disk, it’s time to take a closer look at your RAM memory.

One standard way to solve BSOD error in Windows 10 is explained here. But what if RAM, Hard Disk, CPU, Power Unit, Motherboard, South Bridge are the cause for these BSOD errors.

Repairing a corrupt registry on Windows 10 or Windows 11

On the other hand, SFC scans Windows files specifically. Nevertheless, you should run a CHKDSK scan from the Command Prompt to remove errors in your computer.

While the computer is still booting, press F11 to go to the Advanced Startup, and then click "Troubleshoot". Insert Windows 11 installation disk or USB to your PC. Touch on Factory data reset and click on Reset Phone to confirm this action.

Fix 6: Install the Audio Required for MP4 Files

In that case, try updating your antivirus to the latest version. Right-click your graphics card, and go to Update driver. Press Windows Key + X keyboard shortcut and choose Device Manager from the list. Below you will find the solutions for the system service exception on Windows 10, which inevitably led to a BSOD error. Change the boot order of the PC to boot from this disk. Get the software and install it properly on another computer.

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